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The 'Rustix' Range of period and restoration hardware from Dartington Steel Design offers those involved in renovation projects the opportunity to recreate the authentic feel of the period, an often essential requirement for Listed Buildings. The range is also ideal for those who would like to enjoy the olde worlde charm of these solid and refreshingly robust fittings in their home.  
The Rustix range is available in the following hardware finishes.

The 'Cott Latch' is based on an antique brought to the forge for the Blacksmiths to use their skills to re-create. Its name is derived from the 13th Century "Cott Inn" - the local Inn where many of their best ideas are formed! It is a new addition to the extensive range of door, cabinet and window furniture and electrical fittings.

"We are always looking for unusual and old fittings which are no longer produced but sometimes stumbled upon in architectural salvage yards. It is a challenge we have set ourselves to reproduce these fittings accurately and it is always very rewarding when our customers tell us how pleased they are with the results"

The bee-keeping Brothers at the nearby Buckfast Abbey supply Dartington Steel Design with true beeswax, which is vital for a traditional finish that is able to bring out the dark brown and ochre tinges from the forging process. This does give the 'Rustix' fittings that aged look and feel.


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