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Rustix range of restoration hardware

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FINISHES - There are two finishes available:

BEES-WAXED - All of the Rustix range is available using the traditional method of applying bees-wax to the fittings which gives a stunning effect of a rich dark brown/black colour tinged here and there with the deep red/ochre colour from the forging process.


A regular application of bees-wax should be applied to any fittings, which are used externally, or where they may become exposed to the weather such as an open window where stays and fasteners might experience occasional damp conditions. A soft shoe brush is ideal for polishing the fittings.


PATINE - The majority of the range is now available in this anti-corrosion pewter colour.

This finish gives a superb old iron colour and is suitable for external uses. The manufacturing and componenting process of some items does not allow the Patine finish to be applied. Those few items not available in this finish are noted in the catalogue.


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