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Restoration window and door hardware from town houses, to castles and seats of government !


Our range of restoration and contemporary door & window hardware

The "Rustix" range of period restoration hardware offers those involved in renovation projects the opportunity to recreate the authentic feel of the period, an often essential requirement for listed buildings.

The range is also ideal for those who would like to enjoy the Olde Worlde charm of these refreshingly robust fittings in their home.

A range of reproduction door and window furniture, which are faithful copies of 17 and 18th Century fittings. Each piece is forged and then coated in beeswax to produce a traditional finish, which brings out the dark brown/black and ochre tinges from the forging process. The fittings then do look as old as the original patterns.
The fittings are very popular in this country particularly with restoration and bam conversion projects.

A new range of creative and innovative door and window furniture in a variety of finishes and including combinations of metals and porcelain from the French town of Limoge.

The designs are elegant and offer the discerning customer an opportunity to enhance their homes with door and cabinet furniture. They look equally appealing whether the property is old or new.

The Dartington Collection also includes electrical fittings in the same finishes in order to enable your home interior to have a suited look. The distinctive Patina' finish, a pewter colour, compliments any natural wood or painted surface and has excellent anti-corrosion properties.


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